Corporate Organization

Jeff Hanson is President of Red Elephant Pizza, LLC. He is a co-founder of the concept, and he was General Manager of the first restaurant. He held the title Director of Operations before becoming President in 2016. Mr. Hanson oversees operation of all Red Elephant Pizza and Grill restaurants. He is responsible for menu and recipe development, branding and marketing, management development, and promotion of Red Elephant culture throughout the company.

Mr Hanson is a twenty-five year veteran of the food service industry and has worked for both independent and corporate restaurants. He spent 11 years with Outback Steakhouse, and was manager of a top performing unit, under the leadership of fellow Red Elephant founder John Schrowang.

Mr Hanson has lived in Tallahassee, FL for seventeen years. He holds two degrees from Florida State University and has taught at FSU and Tallahassee Community College. He is a member of the Taoist Tai Chi Society and participates in charitable work to support Tallahassee’s schools and sports. He eagerly awaits the publication of his first novel and has three college-age children.