The Red Elephant Story

When Morgan (the wife of one of our founders) was just 5 years old, she loved things that were unique. Especially if they were fun.

So when her Mom found a little red elephant doll, she knew it would be perfect. It was a Marimekko doll. Morgan didn’t know what Marimekko was, but she knew the stuffed red elephant was adorably cute, and that’s all that matters when you’re five. The red elephant soon became Morgan’s favorite, and she took it everywhere she went.

Growing up, Morgan was happiest when she was surrounded by family, friends, and her red elephant. So it’s with young Morgan in mind that the founders of Red Elephant strive to create the comfort and playful fun of childhood in every restaurant. After all, no matter how old a kid you are, we all need that one special place we can sit back, relax and be ourselves around a great meal.